I've got a lot on my mind.

A lot of ideas. A lot of questions. And a lot of solutions. 

I've also got a ton of strategies. Exciting new ways of attacking a problem. And plenty of thoughts on how to make things better.

I'm Jay Sandusky. A writer, Creative Director, strategist, published cartoonist and former journalist. I'm also a radio DJ (WRIR-97.3 FM Richmond) and the person most likely to be phoned by a friend on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

During my more than 20 years in advertising in New York City (where I twice rose to Creative Director) — and now in Richmond —I’ve worked in an enormous range of categories, including finance, entertainment, cause marketing, healthcare, retail, insurance, government, high-end real estate, travel, sports, education, and many more.

Even after all these years, though, I still come to every assignment with the excitement and jitters of a junior creative person — but also with the perspective and highly-refined BS meter of a seasoned pro. 

Over the years my ideas and creative leadership have helped Tennis become the fastest growing sport in America (and top 1 billion annual visits to its website for the first time). I also co-conceived and wrote the most successful anti-smoking campaign in NYC history. My work — and strategy — encouraged 500,000 New Yorkers to seek mental health care in the wake 9/11. And I helped turn a lagging contact lens solution into the category leader — entirely online. 

So if you're looking for attraction > traction > action, contact me. I’m ready to bring  fresh energy to a new business pitch, an experienced voice to a new assignment or a new perspective to a long-time challenge. 

jaysandusky@gmail.com       718.916.9316. 

Thank you.